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                1. A John Deere 648L-II Skidder hauls logs through the forest


                  ModelEngine SizeGross PowerGross TorqueOperating WeightMaximum Grapple Capacity

                  6.8 L (415 cu. in.)

                  177 kW (237 hp)

                  1025 Nm (756 ft. – lb.)

                  16,686 kg (36,787 lb.)


                  6.8 L (415 cu. in.)

                  177 kW (237 hp)

                  1025 Nm (756 ft. – lb.)

                  19,054 kg (42,159 lb.)

                  1.63 m2 (17.5 sq. ft.)

                  6.8 L (415 cu. in.)

                  196 kW (263 hp)

                  1141 Nm (841 ft. – lb.)

                  19,713 kg (43,610 lb.)

                  1.77 m2 (19.1 sq. ft.)

                  9.0 L (549 cu. in.)

                  210 kW (281 hp)

                  1276 Nm (941 ft. – lb.)

                  22,384 kg (49,499 lb.)

                  1.77 m2 (19.1 sq. ft.)

                  9.0 L (549 cu. in.)

                  224 kW (300 hp)

                  1369 Nm (1,009 ft. – lb.)

                  22,484 kg (49,570 lb.)

                  2.07 m2 (22.3 sq. ft.)

                  Featuring Our Continuously Variable Transmission

                  The CVT is a mechanical transmission providing all the rugged power the job demands, with a hydrostatic assist for smooth, easy operation. By automatically adjusting output torque, it provides maximum power to the ground — without manually shifting gears. And by maintaining a constant engine speed, it improves fuel economy, reduces engine wear and extends transmission life.

                  Technology Solutions

                  A Tablet featuring JDLink sits next to a smartphone featuring JDLink

                  JDLink? Telematics

                  JDLink, the core component of John Deere ForestSight™, enables you to manage your entire fleet from your desktop or mobile device and gives you anytime remote access to machine hours and location, fuel consumption, idle time, maintenance reminders, and more.

                  TimberNavi system screen with sample mapping

                  TimberNavi? Jobsite Mapping

                  Get a clearer picture of your operations with optional TimberNavi. This easy-to use GPS mapping technology provides precise knowledge of site features and machine position relative to cut-block boundaries to help you maximize efficiency.

                  skidder schematic drawing

                  Machine Rebuild Program

                  Give your machine new life and gain the peace of mind provided by a factory-backed powertrain component warranty.

                  Complete Support

                  From machine purchase to use and maintenance, we've got your back with robust offers and financing as well as one of the best dealer networks in the industry.

                  TimberMatic? Maps and TimberManager?

                  This map-based production-planning and -tracking system allows contractors and operators alike to share real time production and location information – taking the guesswork out of effective decision-making.

                  Special Offers & Financing

                  You need a finance team that gets in the trenches to learn about your entire operation – not just your credit score. John Deere Financial offers you value that no other lender can – a deep understanding of your business, equipment expertise, and personal solutions to make owning and operating equipment easy and affordable.

                  Dealer Support

                  Utilizing the latest ForestSight technology to pro-actively monitor machine health and when needed, troubleshoot and repair problems, John Deere dealers have set the standard for customer support. Factory-certified technicians, advanced tools, readily available parts inventory, and unrivaled expertise – your local John Deere dealer is committed to helping you maximize success in the woods.