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                1. The Landing

                  close up of landing
                  Summer 2019 cover

                  IN THIS ISSUE:

                  • Long Story Short
                  • Spreading Its Wings
                  • Containing Wildfires
                  • A Legacy of Determination and Deere

                  Long Story Short

                  Operator Theo Freake recently shared a photo telling the story of three generations of loggers and their feller bunchers.

                  Spreading Its Wings

                  Commiskey Hardwoods has taken flight with the help of John Deere skidders and the local Deere dealer.

                  Containing Wildfires

                  For almost 30 years, G.R. Manufacturing has outfitted John Deere construction equipment to help contain wildfires.

                  A Legacy of Determination and Deere

                  Long before becoming fully mechanized, Mattey Bros., Ltd. logged with crosscut saws and teams of horses.