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                1. Non-Governmental Organizations Purchasing

                  Non-Governmental Organizations Purchasing

                  Non-Governmental Organizations Purchasing

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                  Which Organizations are Eligible?

                  John Deere enables dealers to support local charitable organizations with special factory price allowances. Charity and community benefit organizations operating as 501 c (3), (4), (10) and (13) federal tax-exempt groups are eligible for special dealer pricing.

                  How Do I Take Advantage?

                  See your local John Deere dealer and show proof of your charitable non-profit status. The dealer will assist you in selecting the right equipment for the task, and will provide special pricing for your organization.



                  Connect your machines to the office. Gain productivity and enhance machine security.

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                  New Ag, Turf, Farm & Ranch Products

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                  John Deere filters – Engineered and tested for John Deere engines and equipment.

                  Maintenance Fluids

                  Maintenance Fluids

                  Long lasting oils, coolants, grease and more for your hard working machines.

                  Extended Warranty Information

                  Extended Warranty Information

                  Purchase John Deere equipment with confidence. Extend your warranty with PowerGard™ Protection Plan, PowerGard™ Protection Plan Residential (Residential Plan), and more.

                  Manuals and Parts Catalogs

                  Manuals and Parts Catalogs

                  Quickly access material online for repair, maintenance, parts, safety, and service of your John Deere owned equipment.

                  Municipal Leasing

                  Municipal Leasing

                  Learn about a low-cost, low-risk alternative route to outright purchase equipment or an installment load.

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                  John Deere Dealers – Your business partner

                  Your local John Deere dealer helps you make the most of your equipment budget Dollars.  

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