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                1. Wheeled Harvesters in the forest

                  Forestry Attachments

                  Felling Heads

                  Felling Heads

                  From small stems to big timber, softwood to hardwood, level or sloped ground, we have a disc saw felling head for your job.

                  Harvesting Heads

                  Harvesting Heads

                  Choose between our two and four feeder wheel models with hydraulic feed motors.

                  Harvesting Heads

                  Log Forks & Grapples

                  Maximize your wheel loader material-handling productivity with our wide variety of log forks and grapple attachments.

                  HTH622C Waratah Harvesting Head

                  Waratah Heads

                  These heads are ideal for harvesting large trees, the selective cutting of valuable species, salvaging storm-damaged timber, and right-of-way clearing.